Sharon’s Testimonials

Sharon Watstein is a truly gifted woman. She is an incredibly knowledgeable resource, and she has the amazing ability to come into your home during quite possibly one of your most vulnerable times, and make you feel as though you have known her forever. As a first time mom, it was not only so comforting to have her expertise to help with the baby, but more importantly, she took care of ME so that I could in turn be the best mother to my new baby. I struggled with the “baby blues” after having my son, and shortly after having him we experienced the unexpected loss of two close family members. Sharon literally brought me back to life. She is an angel and I will forever be grateful for her services.

Lauren Walpole, MA


Sharon Watstein saved my life. After I had my son, I just didn’t feel like myself. I expected some anxiety as I was always a nervous person, but my mood was much worse than anyone expected. I cried all the time, I didn’t want to do anything, and I thought something was wrong with my perfect little boy. No one could help me. And then my mother found Sharon. She is everything I needed and more. Sharon is a remarkable person. She listened and she told me like it is. I always felt like a priority and that my concerns were warranted. Sharon followed up on every little thing, sat with me at the doctors, was a hand to hold during the scariest moments of my life. She was always available for any question at all, even now, 8 months later, she is the one person I can turn to with the smallest concern. I learned so much about myself from Sharon and she helped me to become the person and mother I want so desperately to be. I gained a listening ear, a support system, a motherly guide, and most of all, a lifelong friend. Having a baby is a huge change, to your body, to your hormones, to you lifestyle, to your marriage. If you need someone postpartum for anything at all, don’t hesitate to seek out Sharon. She is a miracle worker with babies and with adults. I owe her everything for my son and my family.

Emily Sharon, MA


Sharon Watstein has been a postpartum doula for me and my twins since July 2011.  She arrived at my home about a week after their birth, only a few days after I returned home from the hospital.  I was recovering from a cesarean section and needed a lot of help and guidance in bringing home two pre-mature babies.

I can honestly say that without Sharon’s assistance, I would not have made it through those first trying weeks.  When Sharon would arrive in the morning, I was able to go back to bed and catch up on much needed sleep.  She was very compassionate and understanding through the “baby blues” I was experiencing.  She reassured me that everything I was experiencing was normal and boosted my confidence in telling me what a great job I was doing.  She was there to teach and show me how to do things and offer tips and input as I learned and found my way as a new mother of two.  Feeding especially was an area that she has helped me with.  Being premature, the babies needed extra care with learning to eat and feed well.  She has been an extra set of hands during feeding times and helped through the process with all the feeding and formula issues we experienced.  She helped me organize my home and develop systems to make life easier with twins. It was clear that she was here not only to help me care for the babies, but to support me emotionally as well. Now that my babies are 3 months old, Sharon is still with us. She helps us get organized for the day by getting dinner ready, washing laundry, washing and preparing bottles, caring and loving the babies, and is an extra set of hands as we do daily errands.

Her knowledge and level of expertise are invaluable.  She stays current with the latest information and resources that are available for multiples.  Thanks to Sharon, I have been able to get involved with twin groups in the area and take advantage of resources available to us. I truly feel that all mothers, especially mothers of multiples, deserve the support and care of a doula like Sharon.
-Nicole and Nick, Walpole, Massachusetts

…”Sharon wasn’t just our postpartum doula. She was our mentor, confidant, cheerleader and friend.” “For all expectant parents of multiples, make sure you have postpartum help; raising multiples is exponentially more difficult than 1 child or even 2 children of different ages. Having someone help you who has had experience with multiples is ideal. Because of her experience, Sharon knew just what the twins needed, even if their parents were still learning!”
– S. O’Keefe, Mansfield, Massachusetts

Sharon has been an amazing support to our family.  After an emergency c-section, our son spent two weeks in the NICU and we were totally exhausted physically and emotionally.  Having Sharon in our home helping us was such a relief!  She was available to help us in any way we needed.  She made sure we ate by cooking meals for us.  She organized the baby’s room so we could find everything.  She did the laundry and even a bit of shopping.  All the while, she was non-judgmental and provided parenting tips along the way.   When our son got bronchitis and had to have a nebulizer 5 times a day, Sharon came over and helped us administer the medicine and provided us with some much needed emotional support.  With our family being far away, Sharon was like having a mother/grandmother/friend all rolled up in one to support us.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
-Lisa and Dan, Sharon, Massachusetts

“Sharon came to us during a time when felt like I could not survive handling newborn twins and a very active 3.5 year old. Immediately upon meeting her I felt at ease and knew things would be ok. Sharon helped get me organized, allowing me time to rest and recuperate, handled the babies with ease,  advised me on lactation issues and even helped prepare meals for my family.  She has a way of instilling confidence in your own abilities, while knowing exactly what you need done and need help with. The time she spent with me was invaluable. I highly recommend Sharon as a postpartum doula.  If I could have her with me everyday I would! ”
-Dara and Gregg, Framingham, Massachusetts

…As first time parents, my husband and I were totally overwhelmed! Having an unexpected c-section and living on a 2 level home, I was limited as to what I could do. From the minute Sharon entered our home, we knew our savior had arrived! She not only set up our entire nursery, she organized and washed all of the new outfits that were given to us, cooked us delicious meals, set up changing stations on both levels and, gave me some much needed emotional support…and that was only the first day! Over the next three months, Sharon became family to us. She gave us love, and support, she offered amazing advice, and taught us life lessons. Words can’t really express how lucky and truly blessed we were to have Sharon enter our home, and hopefully she will have time for us if we have baby #2!
-Stacey and Kenny  Raynham, Massachusetts

…”Sharon was an absolute lifesaver to me and my family. After the birth of my second daughter, I experienced a severe case of post-partum depression. Sharon was wonderful! Not only did she help out with caring for my newborn but she also helped take care of my 4-year-old, cooked us delicious meals, ran errands, did light cleaning and laundry. During her time with us, I was able to get much needed rest and focus on getting better. I don’t know what my family would have done without her. She is a true angel!”
-Jen B, Westwood, Massachusetts

A handful of  people are born to do what they do; Sharon Watstein is one of those lucky few. When I first met Sharon, her passion for helping others was evident. She has the unique combination of high energy coupled with a soothing presence. I was always excited to see her as I knew she would help me accomplish all I needed to (which was mostly sleep!) and boost my energy level (which was greatly needed the first year after delivering twin girls). One of my favorite “Sharon” stories is from the first night we brought our girls home from the hospital. They had slept in the nursery each night at the hospital, coming into our room only to nurse. We felt confident this would continue at home, and so let Sharon know we wouldn’t need her help for awhile. That first night we didn’t sleep. AT ALL. The very next morning, bright and early at 7:00am, my husband called Sharon and said, “What are you doing today?” She was at our house within the hour. From that point on Sharon became a regular in our household helping with the girls’ laundry, assisting me with nursing, bathing the girls and keeping everything under control so I could sleep. As anyone with newborn twins knows, being able to soothe twins at the same  time is the sign of a miracle worker. Sharon always had my best interest at heart with everything she did as she knows the challenges that can come postpartum. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in postpartum care of oneself and newborn(s)!
-Sandy, Mansfield, Massachusetts