Services & Benefits

Most women need support and assistance during postpartum for at least 7 – 10 days. Some women need more time for their ‘mothercare’ and rest before resuming all of the responsibilities of running her household.

After a cesarean delivery a mother’s needs intensify because she has just had major surgery. In any case, the more the mother is supported, protected, and cared for, the better she will  heal and be able to care for her new family.

It is important for the parents to arrange for someone they are comfortable with to help at home after the birth. Parents should plan to have someone who can nurture, teach and support the family.

Reasons for Hiring a Postpartum Doula

  • Increased chances of  successful  breastfeeding
  • Less chance of postpartum depression
  • Less chance of exhaustion and frustration during the early weeks
  • Dad/Partner can return to work with less anxiety
  • Early bonding due to more confidence
  • Greater understanding of newborns’ behavior
  • Support for gestational pregnancies, surrogacy, and adoptions


Assistance to pregnant mothers on partial or complete bed rest and their families

  • Provide encouragement to new Moms
  • Newborn care guidance
    • soothing techniques
    • relaxing bath time
    • massage
    • breastfeeding / bottle feeding guidance and support
    • nursery organization
    • setup changing stations on each level
  • Education to family members
  • Experience with Multiples
  • Emotional support and guidance

Other Services Include:

  • Overnight newborn care
  • Sibling care
  • Telephone support
  • Food preparations and meals
  • Grocery shopping, errands
  • Light housekeeping (laundry, dishes)
  • As a member of the IACS Sharon is trained to assist
    in childproofing your home for your newborn and toddler.