A baby nurse does everything for the baby. A doula teaches the family how to integrate and take care of the new baby. While most baby nurses are there to take care of the baby and their needs, our first priority is the mother’s well being. Doulas are trained to recognize the needs and how to rectify them.

She is a neutral person in your home, giving both support and guidance. She does not give medical advice or completely take over care of the baby. She is there to give the new family confidence in their parenting skills.

Usually between $25 – $35 per hour depending on travel time, preemies/multiples, and overnights.

Why doesn’t my baby sleep?
How do I give a bath?
Why do we swaddle babies and can you teach me?
How do I give my older children attention especially if I just gave birth to multiples?
Is it OK to bottle-feed?

Upon welcoming home your newborn baby(ies),  the needs of each family vary.  As your postpartum doula we adapt to your specific needs.  Of course the needs of the Mom are top priority,. Whether it is your newborn, your other children, your nutrition, your rest, and/or your questions and concerns,  as your postpartum doula, we are there to serve you during this wonderful transition for you and your family.   We usually meet prior to your due date (but not always) to go over some of your ideas of how our help can best suit your needs.

As a night doula, I arrive anywhere between 9pm or 11pm (depending on your need).  Usually Mom goes over any of her thoughts and or concerns, etc. before she retires for the night.  If the baby is sleeping, I will fold the family’s laundry and wash/prepare any bottles for the evening.  My main priority is the baby for the whole night until a predetermined time to leave in the morning.  Usually Mom has a supply of her pumped milk in the freezer/refrigerator.  Another scenario might be that Mom nurses in the night and I am there to take the baby  when she finishes so she can get her much needed sleep. 

You and your family can be completely overwhelmed, the days and weeks after your baby’s birth. Add the hormonal and physical changes your body is going through, and it’s enough to reduce a new mom to tears. You don’t have to do everything on your own! A doula is someone who is there to help you and your family, and she has the training and the heart to support you, to listen to you, and to answer any questions.

Depending on the family/situation, anywhere from 2 weeks to months.

Refer to the websites DONA.org and Cappa.net

It is better to hire a postpartum doula before the birth, but is never too late. Sometimes you may only need a doula for a short time.

We will recommend another postpartum doula.

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