Fathers & Partners

Fathers (partners) have their own adjusting to do after the birth. While everyone knows the father has an important role in the lives of his children, most people don’t realize how his support and attitude can make or break the postpartum experience(DONA 2002). The postpartum doula can teach the father concrete skills that will help him nuture his baby(s). Fathers and partners often use their postpartum doula as a sounding board for issues they may encounter in the birth and parenting experience.

Suggested special times with your baby…

1)   At nursing time hold your partner and child resting your hand gently on your baby’s back/stomach or on your partner’s shoulder. Be the comfort giver by burping or changing his/her/their diapers.

2)  At nonnursing times cuddle, walk, or just relax with your baby. Doing  skin-to-skin is wonderful for both you and your baby. Be a comfort giver by rocking your new  infant.

3)  Take after dinner walks or car rides with your baby.

4)  Shower with your baby after the umbilical cord has fallen off..

5)  Practice infant massage.