“Twins Specialist”
Parents with multiples are twice as blessed and twice as overwhelmed. They are twice as tired and they have twice (or more) babies to get to know. Our trained and certified doulas teach parents these important skills and alleviate many stresses and potential breastfeeding and bonding issues.


  1. Try swaddling. Your infants have been very close together for nine months.
  2. Create a feeding schedule – it’s very possible to keep them eating within the same hour so you can get some rest while they are sleeping at the same time.…”going with the flow” can be tough on you with your twins.
  3. Let the babies sleep together. Twins love to be close to each other and this can help calm them.
  4. View each baby as an individual from birth. Dressing them alike allows you and others to view them as a unit. Each baby is as individual and should be treated as such.
  5. Relax. Each baby has his or her own internal schedule for physical and mental development.

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